3D Printing Services

We can help you design and make real working products and prototypes to let your ideas and projects turn into reality.

Designing something can be quite time consuming if you haven't done your homework and provide us with basic sketches. If you would like to get serious, please contact us first and we can help you through this process, use 5mm rules maths paper and draw much detail as you can. Our design rate is $100 per hour. We take you through the whole process of developing a product to be printed from a 3D printer.

We offer the usual 3D Printing service like send us a file and we'll print it.

Costs for printing an existing STL files is as follows:

Medium resolution (0.3mm layer height) $10 set up and $1 per cubic centimetre. (Most common)

Fine resolution (0.2mm layer height) $15 set up and $1.20 per cubic centimetre.

Course resolution (0.4mm layer height) $10 setup and $0.80 per cubic centimetre.

Quotes are given on all jobs.

All material is currently PLA which holds it's shape very well (vs ABS which warps etc while printing) however PLA is prone to distorting if left in high temperatures like in the sun on the dashboard of your car! So be careful

Turnaround usually a couple of days depending on how busy we are.