Students learning to make 3D printers

Each week I have 2 students from Mt Aspiring College come to my 3D Printing workshop to learn about Open Source Rostock 3D Printers for 3 hours.

We go through various parts on the 3D Printer and how they work, keeping notes and asking questions as we go.

The aim is to teach kids the principles of Open Source technology and how to make 3D Printers from the ground up! Covering the design and function of the 3D Printer, the software to drive the 3D Printer and software to make 3D models to print. The point of Open Source is that the knowledge and information is freely available and should be shared with other people. We are creating calibration guides and other documents about our 3D Printers and how to use them. Eventually we will have a library of documentation that anyone can download and have access to (currently we haven't anything for show but will in a few weeks once we've edited it down).

Once we have done the learning part, they will embark on making a 3D Printer which they can keep and use for themselves.

If you are in Wanaka and would like to know more about making 3D Printers please get in contact with Tim Jacobsen - 021 378253

Tim Jacobsen